EYESOPEN! 2/2015

Issue number 2 of EyesOpen! is dedicated to Identity. A complex theme based on how we perceive ourselves, so it has to do with individuals, but also with awareness of our roles in the world and our transformation in society. Why do we exist? Where do we come from? Why are we happy or frustrated? We never love ourselves enough and so we suffer. Some people have strived to answer by looking inside themselves. We look to others for validation that we should really give ourselves and we are constantly disguising ourselves to please those around us instead of revealing our true selves. While in the East and Africa, the identity is a concept that people risk to loose because to the invasion of the West.
We start with precious pictures by Federico Garolla and his Naples in the '50th and we continue, in order of appearance, with: Patrice Terraz & Damiano Giuliano, Ji Yeo, Niccolò Rastrelli, Thomas Krueger, Nuno Awouters, Matteo Valle & Matteo Nazzari, Ursula Bohmer, Md Shahnewaz Khan, Giulio di Meo.

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