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We reveal you the cover picture

The picture we host on the cover of March issue is titled “Goddess” and it was realized in 2011 by the Chinese artist Wang Qingsong. It shows the bust of a clay Statue of Liberty almost in prison, a figure that has lost its haughty and mighty power and it is left caged in scaffolding rusty and dirty towels. Covered with cracks and wearing a military jacket of the Maoist army, this postmodern goddess, before being an iconic image, in reality is a sculpture about eight meters high and weighs twenty tons. It has been carved by the same Wang Qingsong in his studio on the outskirts of Beijing in just 22 days. Among the debris he also leaves some hens to roam, they are the only living beings in totally dead stage. Chickens are irreverent and free, of the same freedom on the contrary denied to the Chinese people. The scene speaks of a primary hunger: the need to be and live as free men in a world without dictatorships. “Goddess” is full of symbolism, as all the works of this master of representation that is one of the most famous contemporary Chinese artists.

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